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Accompagnement de la mise en place de la pédagogie de l'intégration dans l'enseignement primaire et collégial au Maroc
Élaboration d'une banque de données pour l'évaluation scolaire pour l'enseignement primaire et secondaire
Stage pour des conseillers sur l'élaboration et l'évaluation des manuels scolaires selon l'approche par les compétences
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Eric BruyneelAdministrateur délégué du BIEF

Main qualifications

From 2004 onwards

Co-founder with the Bief, a counseling and intervention firm in the field of the formation, education and project management, of the company e-Bief, company specialised in formation and consultancy in the field of the e-Learning.

  • Chile - E-Learning training and setting up of an e-learning platform for the distance teaching of Chilean teachers from Brussels
  • Lebanon - In the framework contract with the Lebanon Ministry of Education, setting up of an e-learning platform, e-learning training to 40 Lebanon teachers and strategic reflections on the setting up of an e-learning department dealing with the continuous training of the school teachers in Lebanon.
  • Haiti - E-learning trainings.
  • Madagascar - E-learning training and strategic reflection on the setting up of continuous training in Madagascar for the school teachers in Madagascar 
  • Belgium - Support of the catholic Belgian school (FESEC) for the setting up of distance training for the teachers - Public school of the French Community
  • EU - Participation as e-learning expert in the setting up of an e-learning platform and shared lessons for the clerks in the social security sectors at European level (European Project Esset)

Between 2000 and 2003:

Co-founder of the company Palo Alto Benelux, responsible of the technical project management of the Web based projects of Palo Alto Benelux as well as the administrative

From 1994 onwards (half-time since 2001):

  • Technical Liaison Officer responsible, on behalf of the European Commission (DG Employment V/D/3) of the technical project management of the TESS Programme. The TESS Programme aims at setting up telecommunications networks and associated services between National Security Institutions in various sectors (Pension, Health Care, etc) based on OSI and IP technologies (X25, X400, TCP/IP, etc.), Internet/Intranet technologies, EDIFACT, XML.
  • The Technical Project Management includes the following responsibilities:
    • Responsible for the technical training given to the acceding countries in the framework of the enlargement of the European Union
    • co-ordinating and managing (monitoring and evaluation) running European projects (e.g. in the Pension sector: 13 Member States and 8 private European companies were involved) within the TESS programme on behalf of the European Commission;
    • responsible for dissemination and maintenance of results deriving from these projects;
    • initiating new actions (development of written proposals);
    • responsible for the preparation of the specification of the Health Care network (based on Intranet/internet technologies with EDIFACT and emerging technologies like XML);
    • responsible for the technical specification and the development of an EDIFACT testing tool to allow EDI application developers to easily check the quality of their service's data exchange, and do troubleshooting at the semantic, syntactic and data transport levels (operational since October 1997).
    • co-ordinating and supporting meetings of TESS Working Party (15 Member States and more than 60 participants) and subgroups.
    • Organisation and chairing European technical meetings in the Pension and the Healthcare sectors for the DG Employment.
    • Setting up and management of an Intranet for the European Health care sector for the exchanges of invoices (TCP/IP, SMTP, FTP technologies)
  • Co-ordination of SINET Projects in ESIP Framework since 1998. ESIP (European Social Security Insurance Partners Association) was created as a strategic network of social security organisations and has recently built up a specific unit (SINET) in order to improve trans-national co-operation in the IT sector of the respective pension and health insurance schemes.
  • The co-ordination of SINET projects includes the following activities:
    • Identification and development of IT projects in the social security field
    • Organisation and chairing of technical meetings (5 per year)
      Provision of specific consultancy for the preparation of the new IT system of the biggest Social Security institution in Greece (IKA) for their participation into the European EDI community of Social Security Organisations.
      The consultancy mission focused on:
      • the identification of the functional specifications that the new IT system should satisfy

Between 1992 and 1994

  • Project Manager responsible for the international positioning of an interoperability service PSI (the Process to Support Interoperability) based on a methodology developed by SPAG.
  • The mission of SPAG, jointly owned by major Information Technology and Telecommunications companies in Europe (Alcatel, BT, Bull, Digital, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, ICL, Siemens-Nixdorf Informations System, Olivetti) is to act as a common tool for its Shareholders to enable the development and marketing of Open Communications Systems to serve the multi-vendor public and private IT markets in Europe and world-wide.
    This function includes technical activities as drafting of specifications, education and advise in the domain of X.400'88 and FTAM products.

From 1987 until 1992

  • Project Manager for Telindus Networks, responsible for a team of three people covering co-ordination of installation and customer support in Europe (Holland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, UK, Belgium, European Council) of OSI products (X.400, FTAM, VT, X.25, LAN-OSI, ...)
    This function also implied the activities of Project Manager, e.g. :
    • managing the Telindus Network participation in the ESPRIT project "Challenge" (with Bull, Siemens Nixdorf, ...) for the creation of a Pedi platform over X.400'88,
    • creation and animation of training on X.400,
    • realisation of functional specifications for a Gateway (DISTEL-X.400) between the X.400 world and the telex and fax under UNIX V3, as well as a messaging system with file transfer and EDI application, based on X.400 in a heterogeneous environment,
    • setting up of a campaign of interoperability testing with various X.400 systems in Europe.

Analyst Programmer

  • Analysis and development of a "local" MTS (without transfer functions: RTS) under UNIX system V, to connect a multi-network server and various hosts. This development also gave an insight in the domain of X.400
  • Study of ODA/ODIF specifications for the handling of an audit in London of an ODA software.




  • Graduate from the Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix
  • Master in computer science with telecommunications specialisation.


  • French: native,
  • English: very good (daily working language),
  • Dutch: fair.